Top 10 Reasons to Join Triangle

1) Triangle is the only organization for men pursuing degrees in Engineering, Architecture, and the Sciences.

Founded in 1907 with a presence at 43 campuses nationwide, we have 1500 student members and more than 18,000 living alumni, many of whom are in a position to help you in your academic and professional career.

2) If you are among the men to join Triangle “on the ground floor” you will be known as a Founding Member

Much of the characteristics and traditions of the future chapter will be determined by you (with help and guidance from Triangle staff & alumni). You can take pride in leaving a positive mark on your Alma Mater while here on campus.

3) Triangle will help you figure out how to get good grades and how to get summer jobs that build a resume.

The Triangle environment provides a structure of support for those in the STEM fields: offering group study sessions in particular courses and tutoring opportunities for all members. Additionally, Triangle provides a better source of networking among engineers than any other college organization.

4) The men of Triangle thrive on accomplishment, and we look for men who want to continue to excel.

Members in Triangle participate in a personal development program where they are taught time management skills, social etiquette, parliamentary procedure, conversation skills, and other life skills to help each member have an experience that leads to success.

5) Triangle members have access to Triangle-specific scholarships and zero-interest loans.

Currently, more than $65,000 in scholarships and loans are awarded to members each year.

6) Triangle members learn about leadership and leadership development through yearly national programs.

Leadership Training and Conventions are held every January and July. Undergraduate and Alumni members from each Chapter get together to learn, share ideas, and help improve the fraternity.

7) Each Triangle member contributes more than 15 hours of community service each year and is involved in at least 1 other student organization on campus (on average).

Involvement in the community and in extra-curricular activities is an important factor to employers, especially in the engineering fields. Often Triangles have led groups such as ASME, IEEE, and E-Week.

8) Triangle has a national policy against hazing, and does not condone any activity which violates this policy.

Triangle is the only fraternity of our size to have no major insurance claim involving hazing or alcohol. This is a metric that demonstrates our commitment to a responsible and safe college environment, which results in having one of the lowest liability insurance rates among fraternities.

9) Triangle ranks in the top 5 of fraternities for voluntary alumni contributions to their national organization.

This speaks volumes on how much our alumni appreciate the help they received as students and their overall experience in Triangle (Alumni contributions are measured in dollars per alumnus).

10) Triangle owns our fraternity house at 519 N. 16th St and occupies it as our chapter home.

Members are not required to live-in, but more than half do. Accommodations are comparable to some of the UNL dormitories at about 2/3 the cost.


There are over 50 other reasons to join and we would be happy to discuss them with you. Your first step is to email us, phone us or submit an application in the Contacts section.