Why Triangle?


Triangle is a national fraternity founded in 1907 with local groups of students on 42 campuses, about 1500 student members and more than 18,000 living alumni members, many of whom are in a position to help you in your academic and professional career. The purpose of Triangle is to develop balanced men in the fields of Engineering, Architecture and Science by providing an environment which fosters personal growth and professional success in a context of brotherhood. A brother in Triangle is a brother for life; and not just the Nebraska Chapter but for all chapters past, present and future. At Triangle we all strive to live by a Code of Ethics, which reflects our commonly held values, and the precepts of the Fraternity which go back 110 years to its founding.

The first group to join the colony will be thought of as “founding fathers”. Much of the character and traditions of the chapter will be determined by you. Although there will be guidance from Triangle alumni, there is wide latitude in determining how things will be operated. You can take pride in leaving a positive mark on your alma mater while you were here at UNL. There is great satisfaction in meeting this challenge and being there at its inception.

The organization is designed for engineering students. It is easy to get help for your homework. Everyone is in a technical major and is willing to help. There will be a database of who took what courses before. Quite often a person that took the class the year before can explain technical concepts better than the professor.

At first the colony will not be occupying a fraternity house, but since we own such a facility in the heart of Greek Row, we intend to make it our chapter home when the membership is ready (optimistically August 2017) When that happens Triangle we plan to charge a house bill (dues, room and board) that will be about 2/3 of the cost of a dorm.

In today’s job market an important part of getting hired is networking with other professionals in your field. Triangle obviously is a better source for this networking among engineers than any other college organization or living unit. Sometimes the interviewer in a job interview could be a Triangle alumnus. Members often get job leads from internet postings from Triangles that know of job openings. Membership in Triangle is a very helpful item to include on your resume. It implies well-rounded people skills, leadership potential and much more. Quite often members run into co-workers that are Triangles.

Triangles have an intellectual common ground, a technical point of reference that enhances understanding and interaction among the members. Yet they also interact with non-technical type of personalities in the university community. Also because we specialize in just a few majors we can not also specialize in just one personality type.

Where Triangle has excelled is being involved in student activities within the College of Engineering including ASME, IEEE, E-Week, etc. Sometimes the leadership of these activities has been dominated by Triangle members. Extra-curricular activity involvement is an important factor to employers.

There are over 40 other reasons for joining Triangle and we would love to discuss these with you.